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Just Money - Expense Manager

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Simple and easy to use; One stop money managment app for both business and personal cash flows, bank accounts, expenses, earnings, budgets and reports, bills managment. Just Money helps to manages cash flows, and saves time with its simplified expense reporting process. Ability to view your bank account balances, transactions, and spending any time and anywhere. Everything you need for a complete control of your money.*** Thanks for the support, and so 50% sales is still active in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey ***### Note: Dropbox sync is deprecated, so we will remove it & replace with something else, in our future updates###
Best Features: * Expense manager + Bill Reminder + Money manager + Budget Managment * Multi Currency support * More than 160 currencies, including Bitcoin * Transfer between different currency accounts, with exchange rate support * Recurring Bills / Transaction: Auto creation Day, Week, Day of Month, Month, Year. * Copy Bills / Transactions * Configurable automatic creation of Recurring Bills / Transactions * Reminder Notification up to 3 months / 90 days before due date * Data Profiles: You can manage multiple sets of data (Scroll down to know more). * Backup / Restore entire app data, including receipts captured * Daily scheduled auto backup of entire app data * Expenses claim submittion, with CSV export, including receipts attached * Filter data based on Accounts, Category, Currency, Receipt photo. * Calender View
More: * Dropbox integration to keep your data safe * Transactions, Accounts, Fund Transfer. * Per transaction account balance. * Sort by Date, Amount, Payee. * Search Transactions / Bills * Auto completion and Bill Payments * Bills listing (Upcoming, Overdue, Paid, Unpaid) * Attach / Capture Photo of Receipts or Invoices. * Transaction Status (Cleared, Reconciled, Uncleared, Void) * Single click Reconciliation for multiple transactions * Budgets for Account, Category, and All Categories * Reports both PIE chart (graph) and transaction list. * Quick Transfer funds between accounts, and record transactions automatically. * Import your existing bank transactions * Export transactions and share via email, Bluetooth, etc. * Add, remove, modify bills / transactions easily. * Daily reminder notifications. * Categories (List, Add, Remove, Modify) * Control the notification time. * Colorful way of seeing bills and categories. * Full Control of update, delete, and recreation of recurring entries * Configurable default Reminder Notification & other settings * Professional build for tablets and phones. * Built-in email support. * App security, with password PIN.
To copy data from one device to another:-------------------------------------------------Use Dropbox sync from ’Setting screen’ to Backup & Restore and view existing Backups.What is an Profile?--------------------A Profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, Accounts Book, or 'EMAIL account'. Having multiple Profile is like having multiple virtual Bills Reminder app, very similar to accessing multiple 'GMAIL account' using GMAIL App. * To see Available Profiles, Open navigation drawer -> Tap on the dropdown on top left hand corner -> select [Manage Profiles] * Here you can Create an new Profile, or rename existing (just long tap any Profile) * Currently delete Profile feature is not available, so create responsibly. * By default, you will have a single Profile named 'My Expenses/Income'
Note: Profile is similar to 'EMAIL account', but NOT 'bank account'.Example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of the bills separately. Create Profile for each Business (Unit). Something like: 'My Off-licence Shop', 'My Flower Shop', 'All My Personal Expenses'.
What's Next?---------------- * Labels will be added * Multi language support (Internationalization) * Cloud sync & web access * Sync data between multiple devices * and more